Flowers to Heaven is a free memorial service that offers grieving family members and friends a special place to post their past loved ones to establish an online memorial that can be visited by all, Losing a loved one is always hard; however, keeping your loved one’s memory alive can ease the pain of grieving while helping you to focus on the positive contributions they made in your life. Although funerals and memorial services offer families a loving way to honor their loved one, they only last for a few moments in time. Afterward, one will need to rely upon their memories and the stories shared by others to ensure that their lost loved one’s legacy is carried on. Fortunately, there is a new way to keep your loved one in your thoughts while providing a way for their other friends and family members to share their fond memories.

At Flowers to Heaven, we understand the difficulty of coping with loss. To ease the pain of grief, we have established an online memorial service that can offer you and your loved one’s cherished friends and family members a way to keep their memory alive. Here, you can remember your loved one by setting up an online memorial that can serve as a place to begin building a lasting memory. By placing a photo of your loved one on our website, everyone can visit to remember the good times that were shared together. If you are seeking a way to honor your loved one while keeping their memory alive, we encourage you to begin building an online memorial that will be full of fond memories and love.10649707_1525112704389144_4286573758721570842_n